Lester Igo

1470 Sand Hill Rd Apt. 402 - Palo Alto, CA 94304 - (650) 321-4162


University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho
Bachelor of Science Computer Science, College of Engineering
Graduation Date: May 1998
Course Highlights:
Network Security, Operating Systems, Computer Organization, Digital Logic, and Computer Graphics.


Familiar with computer hardware, software, programming and networking. Interested in software engineering and network security.

Proficient using and managing most comon UNIX operating systems including Solaris (2.5.1 - 2.9), FreeBSD, and Linux. Experienced with hardware maintenance and debugging, network troubleshooting and management, firewall, HTTP, SMTP, NIS, NFS, DNS, bootp/DHCP/ARP, multicast, TCP/IP, Ethernet, and routing protocols. Also experienced with the following programming languages: Perl, C, HTML, LATEX, Java, Shell Languages, and Expect.

Some experience with: C++ (GNU and Microsoft Visual C++), sockets programming, HP UNIX, Windows, Novell, Visual Basic, OS/2, MacOS, and IRIX.


InfoBlox, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA (2003-present)
Principal Development Test Engineer.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Santa Clara, CA (2001-2003)
Identity Management software development, Directory Services Development team. Software development of Directory and Naming services. Highlights include beta testing of Sun products especially Solaris 9 and Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2/5.2. Duties include software development, integration with PKI and identity management systems, design of corporate directory tree and schema, migration of data to management systems, Solaris packaging products for wide-scale deployment, escalation support of deployment technicians. Major projects involving Deployment of SSL and Certificate authentication, Sun ONE Directory Proxy 5.2, SunRay Global Session Mobility, and SunSEA Security Registries.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Santa Clara, CA (2000-2001)
IT Operations strategic infrastructure team, System Technologist. Senior technician for the greater San Francisco bay area (promotion from previous position). Manage NIS, NFS, SunRay, backups, E-mail, web, and other network services. Duties include writing, reviewing, testing, and leading deployment of standards. Performed betas for Sun hardware and software (SunRay, NetraT4, Solaris, Star Office, Solstice Backup, StorTools, and SunForum). Major projects involving SunCluster 2.2, SunCluster 3.0, SunRay, and NIS. Provide assistance to staff as well as career guidance and input to review process.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA (1998-2000)
Enterprise Network Services, System Technologist. Support and maintain approximately 100 Sun Solaris CAD workstations, associated servers, and network infrastructure. Manage NIS, NFS, backups, E-mail, web, and other network services. Automate and improve automation of common system administration duties using Perl, Expect, HTML/CGI, and assorted shell languages. Lead deployment of SunRay network and a high capacity backup solution. Responsibilities included performance tuning and analysis, scalability and reliability testing.

University of Idaho Computer Services, Moscow, ID (1995-1998)
Administration on a 10,000+ user Novell Network. Manage network related applications including Netscape, telnet, 3270 emulator, and installation software for Win3.x (Visual Basic) and Win9x (Microsoft Visual C++). Install and debug networks consisting of ISDN, ThinNet (10base2), RJ45 (10/100baseT), managed and unmanaged hubs, and switches (VLAN), transporting primarily TCP/IP and IPX protocols over Ethernets. Assist and educate users on the operations of Novell Netware, UNIX, and other network resources.


Available on request.